About Us


Blissful Living is manufacturing following products:

DivyaAmrut (Saffron Herbal Tea)

RoyalAmrut (Saffron Green Masala Tea)

Both the above kind of tea are blend of Premium Quality of Spices and Herbs with Saffron to give a feeling of Bliss. Infact both the products are so good that they are known as "Drink of Kings"

Blissful Living is promoted by Mr. N.P. Agarwal Mr. N.P. Agarwal is Qualified Engineer with a highly creative mind. Mr. N.P. Agarwal has developed a fuel additive Dynamix-D which reduces the consumption of diesel & air polution For Developing Dynamix-D Mr. N.P.Agarwal has been honoured with the speacial recognition award by the president of India for most outstanding interpreneurship.

Mr. N.P. Agarwal Has a very strong passion for developing unique products. Now he has developed DivyAmrut & RoyalAmrut are the blend of Saffron with the heavenly flavours of premium quality spices to create a feeling of Bliss. Both the products are unique DivyAmrut is a product which used to be taken by Rajas & Maharajas in Ancient times. Therefore DivyAmrut & RoyalAmrut are known as Drink of Kings.



In everybody’s life health is most important. At present large number of people are drinking few cups of tea or coffee every day. Both tea & coffee contain “Caffeine”. Therefore both tea & coffee are harmful to health. Although the harmful effect of tea & coffee is very very small. Therefore its harmful effect is not visible immediately. However the cumulative effect of drinking tea & coffee in long term is very very harmful. Therefore our vision is that every person drinks caffeine free drink and enjoy healthy life.


At present a variety of tea & coffee are available in the market. However, it contains caffeine. Surely some kinds of herbal tea are available in the markets which do not contain caffeine but it is not good in taste. Therefore health conscious people switch over to herbal tea. But because of its poor taste do not continue it for a long time. Therefore our mission is to provide caffeine free drink, which has good aroma, is pleasant in taste & is good for health. To fulfill this mission we have developed & introduced “DivyAmrut” . It is Saffron Herbal Tea. Its aroma is excellent and its taste is very pleasant. It is very good for health. Thus it meets all the requirements to lead a healthy life.



People have been drinking tea & coffee for ages. Human nature is to desire for better & better products. This nature of human beings inspired us to think to explore the product which Rajas & Maharajas used to drink in the ancient times. For this purpose we started doing research. After a lot of research, we found that the Rajas and Maharajas used to drink the blend of saffron with spices & herbs. With this finding of our research, we have developed DivyAmrut which is a blend of premium quality saffron, spices and herbs to create a feeling of bliss. Truely Divyamrut is a Drink of Kings.


Because of health benefits, large number of people are switching over to Green Tea. However, Green Tea is not good in taste. Therefore most of the people are not able to continue Green Tea on regular basis. Therefore, we have developed RoyalAmrut which is Saffron Green Masala Tea. It contains all the benefits of Green Tea as well as it is good in taste. Therefore RoyalAmrut is an ideal product for Green Tea Lovers. In fact the taste of RoyalAmrut is so good that it gives the feeling of bliss. Therefore, it is called Drink of Kings.



Promoter Mr. N.P.Agarwal is a qualified Engineer with post graduation in Industrial Management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Bombay University securing first class position in Bombay University. Mr. N.P.Agarwal also received the Award from the President of India SH. GYANI ZAIL SINGH in 1986 for outstanding enterprenuership.